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Hello all and welcome to LiP, the new Lotus LTD chapter in the Pittsburgh/Western PA area! I'm going to try to get this thing going locally so all of us Lotus owners scattered about can get together somewhat regularly to meet new/old owners, tell stories about our experiences with our cars and drive them! I'm going to need your help, so come join me! I look forward to meeting you all in 2015!

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 Help me get this Club going!!!!

Thank you!

Russ Musta


Thank you to all the new members who signed up in 2015! We have a great start! Please remember to post some photos of your car and yourself with it. Also please send ideas for activities and we will start having some meetings and drive/touring days here in 2015! Lets all get ready to for LOG 35 in Colorado Springs this coming August!! Have a GREAT Driving Season and drive safely! - Russ Musta

72-2 Resting at Hethel

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